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I have the best intentions. I really do.

Father’s Day first pops into my head around Mother’s Day when I’m thinking about how I will win the Mother’s Day/Father’s Day competition…. How I will really make an impression to let my husband know he’s loved (on behalf of the kids…. Of course), thus upping his game for next year.

And then a week goes by and I take no action… But I do have over a month to really be prepared.

Then another week.

I mean, it’s on the calendar!!….. It should come as no surprise as I have all year to think about how I’m going to knock it out of the park. I was certain I was going to start planning weeks ago, so once again I wouldn’t be planning some lame, half-hearted attempt to show our appreciation for all that he does.

Fast forward a couple weeks (and I mean like seriously fast forward as we had school end of year celebrations, birthdays, sports, graduations and the rest of “life” on the radar) and here I am thinking about how to really, like genuinely, show the father of our 2 girls how much he is truly appreciated.

And I don’t mean some Hallmark card or cliche it’s-hand-made-by-the-kids-as-its-a-truly-from-the-heart gift.

But this year I think I have it all figured out. This year I think I’m really going to win the “I celebrated you” competition (thus, upping his game for next year…. Did I already say that?).

My husband, much like many other people in their late-30’s, is starting to realize the abuse his body took in his formative years (ohhhh, that statement might come back to haunt me). On a near daily basis he’s asking me to rub his neck or give him a 5-minute massage on his shoulders or lower back and let’s not even talk about our investment in Vitamin-I (ibuprofen).

This is where I win…..

What better way to show 1. I care and 2. I listen than by giving him a massage with The Gold Q Topical Cream?

Q Topical Cream ProductWhy The Gold Q? Because the genius behind the product created a patent-pending process of delivering the CBD (cannabidiol) into the bloodstream quickly and effectively using hair follicles. It’s unlike any other topical on the market and you feel the effects immediately.

Why CBD? The cannabinoids found in the hemp plant are believed to interact with receptors in the brain that receive signals from different stimuli and they help your cells respond. This all sounds very “science-y” but basically what that means is it creates anti-inflammatory effects that help with pain management. Studies are still being conducted but are increasingly showing strong signs of overall pain management without negative side effects.

So, this Father’s Day you can safely assume that at least one dad will be relaxing and enjoying a pain free day with his kiddos, thanks to The Gold Q Topical Cream.

Use code GOLDFATHER19 to enjoy a limited time offer of Buy-1-Get-1 Free

Happy Father’s Day to all you Dads out there. I won’t give you a hard time if you send this article to your significant other asking for the same!